Distorted World, society

Awaking this morning?

i felt Mrs. Nature would give me a couple of snowflakes..  Just because she loves me!  Mrs. Nature is beginning to see my point, about the time frame of her demise..  Now here is a delusional thought from a using addict, Mrs. Nature connect to the net?  Believe it or not, she is connect, probably through many cell phones across the world?


Kuto’s Mrs. Nature!


Have you been able to look through the Hubble Telescope, what did you see?   Help ifinn you like it or not!  You see, they’re looking for lifeforce…   Food an drug all in one…  i will be able to stand around, watch while they take part…  Such as you darling…  They’ll die all around us…


You darling, you deserve much better, let’s hope management will be preferable next time around…


Rambling thoughts of the toad…


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