Love from Magick

As christmas now has come an gone, last week i, the toad!

Bought a chromebook, which in most cases is a waste of money, since i already had an older computer, even worse a chromebook is only good while connect to the internet..


Anyway on with the tale, i believe without a doubt that i knew the receipt was very important, so i had thought straight into my wallet..  Only yesterday, i needed to return my new chromebook  because it was not working, since the day after i bought it..  Well as i went to Best Buy, they wanted me to come back the next day…  i jumped the line, began talking to customer service, they asked for my receipt..  i was shocked that the receipt was not in my wallet…  i left pissed…  Thinking i spent $200.00 on now what is a piece of plastic junk..


This is where magick, worked it powerful wonder!  Even though i had enough money to pay cash, i pulled out what i had thought was enough, to be short around six dollar…  i couldn’t find the other cash, which upon leaving the store turned up later!  Surprise, surprise..  The magick was need to put what i was short on my bank card…


Remembering this back to the store, can you pull up the receipt using my bank card..,.




One new chromebook!


Magick, a pity!

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