toad Under blankets

i’ve twisted an dream of a love i foreseen, soft kind, emotion which blows my mind…


Suck throughout the day, only in heaven erotic way, lustful dream, something out a fantasy seen…  So i looked up to see what is going on to find i can’t stop the emotions..  So we all play within the better part the day…


i need lovin in the worst way, is there anybody whom will breakdown an be the first…

Next morning Pleasure


Turn the page, breaking the day..  Same, same i live for another day..  Blessed with sleep lastnight, hazards of being a drug addict..  i had hope to see, Mr. Woodvine this morning brother from different mother..  Nonetheless i probably and hopefully will see long after i’ve made this post..


A tiny message, (story of my life) to all those whom chosen to drop by for a read..


We’re breaking up on, a New an Wonderful Year, now that we’ve got the hardest part of the year done..

i would hope that we can pulled together to help a dear friend, Mrs. Nature, she struggles in giving us, life!


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