Honored by an Artist

Tis a dream,

however real life flowing dream..  What kick-off this morning words from a toad…  Was the continued lov an blessings from another blogger…


There are many of us, whom live an work towards a common dream…  (One world, one government, and one people!) Planet Earth…


i may only look like a drug addict living on the streets, nonetheless, underneath and behind the scene, i two am working towards that same dream..  Which to say that my life is uphill all the way..


Not only because of my lifestyle, which is true, i will always follow the first contract, which was made with a very old soul; (a blood contract) “Just be me!”


What i leave behind will not be written, only access to the library, which is ours and ours alone…  Will most likely surprise any human, an or sentient creature..  Worlds of Lov…


Enough words from a toad…


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