toad’s borrowed dream

To walk upon earth, throughout the precious green, touching Mrs. Nature, watch her family moving about, wondering where we all went wrong…


But!  It’s not about where…  It’s about make the change into the direction to save what we so greedily destroyed…


Where does it start, deep down inside each of us…  One little step at a time, possibly day by day, she’ll feel our lov, an foreseen our mistakes…  These simple step, will show her that we understand an know of her condition and we will see her honest, most truthful lov of us!


She may reach deeper an deeper into her fiery soul, pulling it all together, show by turning her leaves that all will know…


It’s a belief this dream, was seen hundred of thousands of years ago…  By a deep lov of something that has not forgotten, their roots of humanality…  An knows Mrs. Nature longer an better than any human soul…


Lov from Family!



All images created by;

chris jensen

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