Rain day with toad!

Just beautiful weather,

we’re having here in the midnight city of Vancouver British Columbia Canada..


Try an say that real fast three time!


Living on the coast of BC, isn’t all that bad, well we use to have four seasons, however with what happening to earth these days..  One just doesn’t know anymore!


Well it’s all the same for me, up early an writing in the golden arches, what a simple an easy life…


No thought of time management, or even care about what time it is, only that the golden arches is open to use their wifi…


So i say, let’s down size what i’m carrying around, while digging into the garbage, one does collect a lot of garbage…  You knucklehead, you’re collecting junk out of dumpsters…


i’m just reliving days that i spent with grandma Jensen, as we went on her egg-runs, the best part was on the way home to grandma’s..  We’d dig into the garbage all the way back!


God rest her soul………….


i miss you, grandma!



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