Short thought, “story of my life”

Down to the depot to cash in my bottles in..

Now that i’m riding, (Thank god?) did i just say that, must have been my grandmother invading my mind?  Damn her anyway!  (Must have been from her grave.)  Yeah next time i pass that damn church where grandma would drag me everytime that i spent the weekend at grandparents jensen’s house, up there on Capitol Hill Burnaby..  i will have to light a candle for grandma!  Just a quick memory, grandma always kept chickens, i would love going out to the chicken coop, to feed them table scraps..


It’s a strange feeling when there are no grandparents left on both sides of the family…


Another quick memory; My grandparents on my mother side, after they sold the restaurant, where caretaking at a lumberyard..  There was those days when my cousins an i would run around playing some kind of game throughout all the lumberyard…  Hell, those were great moments…




What would life be like, ifinn we never had any memories?



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