whispered challenge @ toad

Waking two hours later this morning, believe it or not!  Was gratifying to a toad…


Simply for the fact, today is Mardi-Gra Wednesday!


For those whom don’t understand what that means, for those of us, who are on the government system, get paid today, where some like myself, have direct deposit!


So making it through the night without getting up to hit the bank machine, after the stroke of midnight..  Is in my eyes success….


i did have plans to put money into a bike that i use for transportation and work collecting bottles an lost treasures..


Now the dilemma?  i have to make the right choice?


To make through my lifestyle of digging into dumpsters, for what i can turn into cash, there is a need for some tools, which must be a priority…


On another note;


while sitting in the golden arches, writing…  A street person whom i have had trouble with in the past, just came up and gave me a shot to the head…


Not like i ask for it, he said i was sitting in his seat, that i should leave…


All this happen before, i written this post..


i only would like to say;


he hits like a girl….  Please no offence ladies, just a saying..


Mardi-Gra with toad!


Image created by;

My own art mixed with multiplemichael.


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