i had a dream

25 billion in gold!


Which started many years ago, sleeping in an underground, a five-hundred thousand year old Vampire, appeared to me, not in person but through abjects around me, offering a deal for a thought, which i had been working on this simple theory for several years…  


This vampired watch without me being aware, for two years…  Now not believing in Vampires, this didn’t change until we had met, for the first time in a back-alley on the east side of granville street, around 1468 W 40th where i made a blood contract…


i which case left me with the title of darkprince position of number two in the family an twenty-five billion in gold, which arrived at the airport, very next day..  Where i received a phone call stating this fact, however after the phone call, there was no known knowledge of said gold!  Where i had to make my way with family the new families help, steal the gold back into which i transported said gold close to downtown an place on train for Fort knox, which is another story in it self…


All for a thought!


True story………..

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