Father an Child, Unknown Artist!

Brilliant Creative Shadow…


i the toad spend a lot of time in Starbucks writing, that’s when i’m not kicked-out, for my colourful attitude!


Anyway i park my bike an trailer in the back, going in the back door..  You could say that i’m a back door man!


i didn’t spot this creative piece of art, right away but when did, wow…


What a piece of art!


All done with light an rocks creating a shadow on the wall of what i believe, is a father an a child?


Happen by accident, not likely…


i don’t know whom you are artist, but it doesn’t really matter, well done!



Father an child


Unknown Artist

Man an child-two

This image an poem created by;

chris jensen



silhouette of life

human mind creative light

lov of a parent

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