A world the man is burning it down

Flight of a toad


i woke this morning, a thought of being drugged?  Now one would ask, even another would ask the same question, why would someone want to drug you?  My thoughts exactly!


i’m just stating a fact…


Lastnight, instead of using jib, i smoked rock, which now i feel what a waste of time an money!  A reason for the change, i had been using jib a little too, often and felt that i was becoming jib sick after not having my daily dose..  There was a time, when i would say “you can’t get dope sick off of jib,” well i must change my belief with this statement, however am i getting sick for not have any jib or possibly something else, these are both good questions and why would they put something else into the dope?


All good question!


The only way i would know for sure would be to have a laboratory to analyze the drugs…


i am sure, that i would find the results extremely interesting…


Well, it’s all good!  You see information is valuable even without the laboratory…

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One thought on “A world the man is burning it down

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