Buy a girl a coffee,

An get a chromebook ripped off…


Morning with toad at McDonalds at Broadway a Granville, i use two computers because my windows computer doesn’t hold a charge, so chromebook does the filling in when i need to write an there is no AC anywhere to  be free…


Anyway there was what i thought a street chick sitting the corner of the restaurant, they had asked her to wake-up several time…  There is no sleeping, so i give her a card for a free coffee, i see that she left an went by my things but, didn’t notice that she grabbed my pack on the way out..  Until later when i was leaving myself an had nothing to put my things into, then i asked to look at the video, they say i need a cop..  Now just happens that two officers where talking to somebody they were looking for yesterday, however they didn’t have the time for me…  They sure had the time, when they were looking for this women, which my brother from a different mother and my brother found this morning…  Inwhich dear brother made the call…


i blame this all on the government!  For not putting me inside, in one of those new subsidized housing, they have building all over the place…  i’ve been kicked off the list twice at olympic village, an one other list for the lower-mainland..


All while there are people whom are not even born in the province or the city for that matter, placed in these places, all while i still sleep in an underground parking lot…


Better yet, why don’t the kick the maid out of the house my father left for us kids, i mean she manage to place everything in to joint accounts an has not shared any of my fathers saving an now lives off of his pension, over $2000.00 a month all except for the house, i bet not for a lack of trying…  However she is renting out two or three suites, an collect that which should be divided among use all…


i have lost count of all the computers, mountain bikes and trailer that i’ve bought living on the streets of Vancouver..


life with a toad…


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