Attack on toad

Whom shall i place blame,


sucks to be me, living everybody’s dream flowing life,

battling up stream!


Some days ago, i was awake throughout the night in the West-End at one of the only coffee shops open in the cold darkness of the midnight city wandering life..


I was sitting at a table minding my own business, when a young woman walked in an threw a yogurt at me!  Damned ifinn i knew this woman!  Now thinking about this.. Could she have be the one whom stolen my Googlebook, an a ipad, which a long ago friend had lost..


Now another piece, which i believe belongs to the same story..  i was at a drop in centre by commercial drive, (No i will not sign a garbage can!) out front fix a flat tier, a man walks up an start beating on me!  Hell…  ifinn i knew this man?  ((By an by this man  hits like a girl!) an then walks into the drop in centre, an i’m not sure but!  i feel that this man had just walked right through an out the backdoor?)…


Would i be too, forward in saying that this is the church’s,

attacking me?


Life of a toad…


Image created by;

By an by do you have a slaves tatoo?


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