Tagging Target

Disappointing a toad


There can only be one family!


i was shopping in no frills on broadway just off of cambie picking up some campbell’s mushroom soup, an was getting attitude from the rage-head at the cash register..


So i made some comments about there can only be one family..  (referring to vampires) The kid made like i don’t know what i was talking about, well i studied religious throughout most religions..  The rag-heads was the most interesting one reason being their family structure…

Which i will go into right this moment, only that grandma, makes all the decisions…


Well to make more up to date, was going to stop in exchange a can of campbell’s chicken soup for campbell’s mushroom soup..


When the manager came-out an told me that i was no longer welcome in this store…


So i say to all those taggers living in Vancouver this is a challenging target!


The manager is the one whom,

wouldn’t face the camera!



310 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y1R2


Image of chris jensen created by;


So i say to all the taggers

we paint

they paint

we paint!

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