(Dirty Cops) Waking with toad,

dirty cops…


As throughout the night, drifting dreams, silent midnight screams…


Picture a toad, eating breakfast, noodles of course, nothing but the best crap, i always say..  Must have pissed my bed, hell you’ve got to hate that, when it happens.


Anyway down to Tim Hortons for free wifi, an to write just a little…  Little being the story of my life.



it seem, that the manager wanted me kicked-out with all the other rif-raf…


So in come the dirty cops, after much argument we did leave..  Not! But! Two minutes later did these same two dirty cops, stop me again!


Damn, it sucks to be me…


Well after all this bullshit, they gave me a tick for walk through a red-light across a dead street, in the very, i mean very early morning…  Like before traffic even starts moving for morning rush-hour…


So there you have it two dirty cops at their very best!


Now i did ask, to take this image, an the two dirty cops said OK!

Dirty Cops May 4 2018

Dirty Cops

May 4, 2018

Around 6:30am

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