Are we missing,


Tortured dream, life living in a dishonest stream…  Darling, or should i say Mrs. P!nk, we now beat the power of prayer!  What next?” Let’s keep olDOne’s dream a live…


i’ve been struggling, however i now believe that i’m getting pay-back,

for 50 years of abuse…  Damn, it’s great to be me…



An i mean but!


Some of the assholes whom cross my path…


Some that!  i will be writing about, is these damn strange apps?


There is so much that i would like to say to those whom, just stop in an check the like box?  However, there those who do read my material, not because they only like my ass…


i can guarantee interesting post coming in the near future…

chris jensen.jpg

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

chris jensen 6-25-18 at 10.jpg

i would to say,

thank you!

To family,

an those women

whom me moving

with their music.

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