How many families,

call their fathers,


A toad wandering in a distorted dream, has caught wind of a topic such as,

why would some families call their father or dad’s god?


Now correct me ifinn i am wrong!


However ifinn i am correct would that make a whole lot of gods running around on this blue planet we call home…


An do these god’s realize, what’s coming from the darkness of space, sentient life which believe that we’re part of their food chain…  (funny thing, they want life-force, which is only good when the victim is still alive… No good dead!)


Now if you able to look into a telescope, you could see six groups of ships, making a total of thirty-six ships, ready to harvest (life-force) to take home…  Now one would think that, they would not have travelled all this way to go home, empty-handed….

fathers, god

Just some simple thoughts,

from a toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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