A ship of dreams..


The earned gift from a drug addict. whom believed in his own fantasies…  Laugh at, spit on and pissed on, continued forward looking for a hope to move human life into their proper place within space an time…


A struggle just to stay sane, an solid to his destiny an dreams…


Spent most of his time alone, trying to bring factual proof, to those supernatural an alien question…  Whom believed in things that nobody thought to real…


Now spend most of his time, putting together computers, just so he could document his life’s adventures, all while taking please in the use of his drug addictions..


Now sadly finds himself, still much alone, now everybody believes that they should all take part, in what a drug addict, has earned bragging rights too…


i’m not sorry when i see people walking by or pushing there problems at him as if they have known him all his struggling life…


So for those, whom this drug addict doesn’t even know their name, you have no right to what i have earned for family an myself…


To some close friends, i will do my best to help, please, i mean please don’t take a advantage over what i have given my life too..

chris jensen 6-25-18 at 10

chris jensen

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