(Portland Hotel Society) Inside toad,

what an upsidedown change


in lifestyle!


i’ve not lost anything in the past few weeks, doesn’t surprise me, now being inside, i do leave my computer and most things in my room, which i would carry with me everyday for fear that i would lose them again!


For myself living on the street became a way of life, so it is a shock to my system, mentally, physically and of course emotionally..


To make things more interesting within my own life, i been going to court on a charge of assault, a first time charge for me..  i have been in court on many drug related charges, however been out of trouble, other than spend the night in hotel (police lock-up) for many years..


Over all, the change, in lifestyle has been a rewarding experience, due to the patience of the staff, whom work for the Portland Society…
Portland Society.gif

Portland Hotel Society

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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