A toad stabbed!

As a toad was on his way back from picking up his chegue,


which is now split into four parts, got into a argument on the bus, about someone sitting beside him…


Said person, just drop his ass down, banging into myself an the man and daughter beside me…  That’s when i fucking Blow-up, so i began smashing him in the head… The bus driver kicked us both of the bus, so once again i start smashing the man’s face… Well he pulls a knife, stabbed me a couple of times while i was smashing his face, i didn’t stop until he dropped the knife…  Then i wouldn’t let go until the cops came, because i did want the man getting away..


So away i go, to Vancouver General Hospital, bla bla bla…


What the story really is about the Vancouver Police taking my pack-sack, with my computer inside stating that is part of a crime scene…  So now i’m doing my best to track down my chromebook, an during the fight i lost my phone…

I now wonder if the whole thing was a set-up?


So i’m now chasing my phone an computer, once again in this corrupt city…


images-chris jensen-666


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

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