A sading thought…

To play a little game…

From a drug addict off the streets gifted with imaginary magick an psychic abilities…  Torments, planet earth, just a little fun, dance nightmarish dreams, hidden demons wander a studio, following them throughout their day an evening…


As those demons move about, listening kissing, biting an horasing those throughout the rest of their day unto their evening following them home…  Just a little witches magick… Now for a psychic ability, floating hosts among others staring an just full of fear, wonder as to those fools… Continue to float throughout their imaginary day…


Just another day within my park, now do you know that show after show, they attack all believe that their in the right to have fun an games…


Just think!   Their on their own….

Screenshot 2018-11-14 chris jensen

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad



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