A toad on,

another time_out!


Can you believe that?  i come back to my room, an the same ass-hole at the front door, gives me attitude, so the cops are called, when they come i’m charged !  Hell if i even, know what the Vancouver Police Department charged me with only that i am on a (three week time-out)…


That is how the modular-housing treats is all whom are forced into their housing units.. They say that it is a (clean safe place) for us addict an unwanted people, whom have been, living on the street, can go to become part of society..


So in that case i am back on the street once again, to tell you the truth, it feels really good to be back out!


chris jensen (toad) (deletedangel) (Rambling)

Chris jensen-Sept 18 2019 7

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