Dirty Cops (Vancouver British Columbia Canada) Really only about a fat pig staff..

Really only about one staff member @ 2132 Ash Street

The want be Manager @ 2132 Ash Street, really (Second in command, just a staff @ 2132 Ash Street)


Out of all the Staff whom work at 2132 Ash Street Modular Housing, there is one staff whom always call’s the cops on me….  (i call him fat pig)….


Well once again, i’m hand-cuffed by the same two dirty cops (badge number #2172 an #2894) whom answer the want-to-be-managers call’s very time…  Then i was drove downtown in the patty-wagon and behind the gate of the jailhouse parking lot…  To be let go…  Now wasting my whole morning an wasting the time of many other officers….


Because (Fat Pig) doesn’t reallize that he is just a door-man!  Only having to open the door, for us drug addict and un-what misfits of this city….


And for that i had to make my way back from the hood of Vancouver city after getting beat by dirty cops and forced into the patty-wagon…..


just because, this fat pig staff…..


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