Dirty Cops (Vancouver British Columbia Canada) Really only about a fat pig staff..

Really only about one staff member @ 2132 Ash Street

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Next President, United States of America

My Voice Upon Presidency,


it is not because i don’t like President Trump, i do feel deeply that President Trump served America with all his heart!  Only that he was always climbing an uphill battle..


As i did with President Trump, i have a very good feeling about Mr. M Bloomberg, just to make things a little more noticeable, what i’ve read about Michael, in wikipedia an the fact that he is based out of New York city…


chris jensen


But then whom am i?

Life in Vancouver bc canada

About a year ago, i was living in an empty lot in a tent cooking out-side…  i would say i was more clean then today.. i am so luckyApril 29 2019 Chris jensen to have the people up stairs to continue feeding those nice little bugs…  They told me that it would be safe here as well, but i beg to differ! i also have an old man living next to me that can remove milk from milk, sugar from sugar, just all round helps himself to whatever i got…  Did mention that those people for the third floor come through my bathroom sealing…


Well i guess it would my fault for moving to this place i could have stayed outside…

Has anybody heard of castle greystone?¸¸¸

Thank You, have a nice day…

chris jensen

A fooled toad,

as toad does, an dosen’t…


Wanders, throughout the alleys of the fair-view area of the city…  Digging in dumpsters, looking for lost treasures forgotten dreams and garbage!  i mean who put garbage in the dumpster? i find myself doing the same thing over an over, day after day, week upon week, year after year, time and time again…


Life simple, simple life…


chris jensen

A fooled toad!

Chris jensen 2019-07-22 at 8

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 8


Finished a two week, “Time-Out”!


i found it a bit childish,


to be putting me on a time-out (basically they locked me out of my room for two weeks) like i was a bad boy an placed into the corner with dunce hat on…


Like sending me outside was going to bother me a great deal, i mean they took me off the street where i had been living for years…


On another note, now being able to get into the shower an be clean, inwhich after i made breakfast, something that is harder to do outside, i must say felt great…


How fast we forget the simple pleasures in life….


Just for those interested i’ve stop into Tim Hortons to have a chocolate-creamy-chill, i feel for the twins, whom love this drink….

And to my dear sister, whom sometimes reads thisoldtoad, i do miss you an please say hello to our big sister!

April 29 2019 Chris jensen

Love chris

Two day timeout!

What the fuck is that!


A toad placed on a two day time out, by the Vancouver Police Department, an the manager…  They gave me a choice between a two day timeout or jail!  Because somebody, whom at the time didn’t know that it was manager banging on my door, so i came to the door with an axes in my hand, only for self-defence…  They call that assault with a weapon, a charge that i cannot afford right now, since i have not finish the last charge of assault…  Because i pissed on a machine…


So here i am, place into government housing around six months ago, i had been living on the streets for some time, now for two nights, i must sleep outside…

What the fuck

is that?



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Margaret Mitchell Place

PS;  You’ve been a bad, bad boy,

so go to the corner

with my dunce hat on…