Unwanted Art!

As a toad cruising throughout the alleys in the Fairview Neighbourhood, looking for gold in those hills…  No, collecting bottles, an other lost treasures..


A toad love taking photographs of unwanted art, which as been tossed into the dumpsters or lying beside..


i the toad, had thought that i had more images to share with you?  Nonetheless, where only god knows?


Anyway here is “Unwanted Art;

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

The feature image

is a photograph of a child’s

blanket at Jonathan Rogers Park!

Lost Art 1….

As a toad bins throughout the alleys, digging in dumpsters in hope of find gold or anything else worth cash money, well at least there are bottles, during this struggling economy slowly working it’s way back to good health…
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Reason why they don’t want us binners in the alleys…

There are many reasons where they don’t like us binning in their alleys.  Most of all it would reason like these, spreading garbage and defecating in the alleys and around dumpsters that don’t help the issue.  However there are those of us in which do pickup garbage and do are best to not make any kind of mess or do things stupid like shitting in the alley.  If the need arises and I can’t make it a washroom, I do it in a box, and then throw away…  Simple you animals which cannot do the same…


An unconditional friend…


This friendship could end if Ellen would somehow where see her lovely face on my Blog, however she has been a big part of my life always giving me a safe place to indulge in some of my guilty pleasure.  Ellen always has endless gossip yak about every time that I take to spend with her.  I remember year’s back that she made the best soup out a bin and in the back alleys as anyone could make keeping us warm and healthy through some of those cold winter months that street life brings to are lifestyle.  Where this woman gets all her bottles from I could not guess, I have yet to see Ellen climb into a bin…  The hardest thing that one has with Ellen’s friendship is giving back to her without getting anything back in return takes a real sly, tricking attitude.  You must be quick.  I have known Ellen for years and she is always one step ahead of me.