Who’s on first?

What’s on second and i don’t know is on third…  Must have been a bad dream…


i woke this morning, think that it was a lot later than the apparent time…  Can one be as loss for words as i am this morning…


i look forward to wondering the alleys this morning for that very reason..


Not all that impressed with my action, in the last few days, when i was trying my darndest to put another ride together..  i’ve been getting tired of walking throughout the alleys..


i would make much more money with a bike an trailer…


So many things inwhich i need to do about my blog, an there just doesn’t seem like there is enough time in the day..


i can imagine that a lot of people have the same problem, we’re trapped by time..




The one image above,

created by;


Destruction of Easter Bunny (Vancouver BC Canada)

Did you ever what to know what happen to the easter bunny in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…


No…  Just another silly post, i making my rounds around the alleys where i collect bottles an dig into dumpsters, an what do i see?  Right in the middle of the alley a light green toy bunny…


Well i thought it was funny at the time…
So why not finish off the post…  i took the time to take the photographs…

Destruction of Easter Bunny (Vancouver BC Canada)

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