Lost Poster…


I found this poster just lying on the ground outside the bottle depot, lying by one of those big green garbage bins.  Now as simple-minded as I am I thought it would make one crazy post?  Besides I like to picture of the Ballet Dancer!





Abandoning the Space Shuttle… a Lesson for Educators

Upon reading and posting through other Blogs I have come across your Blogger, which I must say fascinates me to no end. I’m looking forward to reading and studying your writing style.


A Space for Learning

The U.S. Department of Education, and more than a few state-level departments, could take a lesson from NASA.  On a recent evening, I had the opportunity to again hear one of my favorite local celebrities; Kathy Thornton, engineer, professor, UVa associate dean, and a 4-mission retired space shuttle astronaut. Kathy doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her informed perspectives on space. She’s earned that right, having been key to several major payload deployments into space including the first service work on the Hubble telescope. She’s a real-deal spacewalker. And, she’s fascinated with the human narrative of exploration. She began her talk with an image of one of the earliest maps of the globe in existence.

So, what does Kathy’s focus on the narrative of human exploration have to do with education?

Kathy Thornton created a metaphor in my mind as she spoke. Here’s what she shared…

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Doing my thing binning down throw the alley I stop and peek around a corner what do I see leaves, leaves everywhere now realizing that winter is on its way.  I had to stop.  Being the child that I am, took a few photos lying on my stomach.  The colors were calling out to me.


Loyal readers…

Too, my loyal readers, many thanks I would like to apologize for the sometimes-small hiccups in my posting and such as.  I find myself coming out of a daze wondering if I have done anything inappropriate while moving through life in that fog. I am left with a strong guilty feeling, which does pass.  Then I move find myself doing it all over again.  (This sounds like a definition for insanity)  I would say that it would not happen again, however I am a product of my environment and sadly love that way.

Once again thank you for your support, I still here for the ride…


P.S.  I would like to find the crazy who talked me into starting this blog…  Using a weakness of this other project I have worked on which why I have started the Blog.  Some many times I have wanted to DELETE all which call working project, however it haunts me day and night a sleep and awake…