Today’s toad…

Another installment of a toad, as to learning a small meaning of lov?


i walk the streets dreaming, as one looks for lost treasure an unwanted prayer, which drifted from caring loving people in-which i’ve never known…


My thoughts are always on filling a bag full of bottles, which people have donated, unconsciously…


i would like to make the statement, “We, whom collect these nickels an dimes are honestly an truthfully grateful….


So i will say, “i will soon set-forth on a venture of magickal delight, hunting unwanted treasures, picking-up nickels an dimes..


Thank you Vancouver BC Canada, for making my life possible in the most uniquely, filled with magick an wonder!

Hop skip an jump, storming through puddles, like a child floating within heaven..


Which was not my intention, just getting where i needed to go!


Back to the Kettle for another, dollar meal!  Damn ifinn i do an damn ifinn i don’t?


Tis the life of a homeless man, which is banished from his rightful place on Wall Street….


Tis a dance through time, captured within a delusional mind, homeless to be his only crime…


i do believe the above paragraph will be turned into a poetic rhyme?


Day by day learning the placement of lov, not a heavenly lov, but a lov, created by ordinary people, none with a belief or a god or heaven above…


i’ve been writing non-sense for years now, so times just can’t believe that there are some whom will read, what a delusional man living on the streets of Vancouver BC Canada has to say?


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

A Blogging Wonder; (sqwabb)

thisoldtoad-header-666-7No the above image is the toad (chris jensen)

Stanley Q Woodvine, some one that i once knew throughout the binning world.  You would have to say; this man, would be responsible for all my blogging torture, which i place upon my viewing public throughout the past several years..


Stanley Q Woodvine; also has blog of his very own, you can see for yourself @


You may see him cursing throughout the alleys of the Fairview Neighbourhood impart of Vancouver City..   Riding a mountain bike with a bike-trailer with big phorescent orange piece of something on the back of his bike-trailer..


Stanley Q Woodvine-Bike an Trailer photo down below….


Well if you do,


please say Hello,


Mr. Woodvines-ride-1-1


and give him a good kick in ass for the toad!


Please an Thank You!….


chris jensen (toad)


Smiley’s shopping cart…

Smiley is such a good-natured person it is almost overwhelming.  Smiley does have problem in keeping a lot of his possessions.  Many of those of us that live on the street are not so kind, they even steal from people while they fall-a-sleep and Smiley always gets hit by these creatures.  Sad but true…

A snip from my journal…

My living on the street and the drugs I do is not what the family wishes for me and they say ” you can do better for myself.”  I don’t see my lifestyle this way! By living on the street I don’t bring my addiction into their lives.  In weird and strange way I know that I’m happy. Sometimes it seems really hard; I do have my moments when I would not want to be any where else in life.  I never started out to living on the street, I was forced too through bad choices of my own, then it grew on me.  Now it is away of life which I enjoy…

chris jensen (thisoldtoad)