Marco (Died January 3, 2017)

Marco (Died January 3, 2017)

Marco an i really didn’t see i too i, nonetheless where close acquaintances,

often seeing each other @ gogreen bottle depot,  in the alley by 7th…  i often wondered where an how did he end up on the streets, drug would be to blame, however being an addict, still using by choice, feel that there also was something deep underneath, those hidden emotional scars…


Within one of Marco’s dreams, we had spent some time together..   In a place i have found to be a safe haven!  By Burrard Inlet the Security in the area, is ran by some solid pe0ple…  So i often go there, by myself..

The night Marco refused to believe, meeting anything in the paranormal realm, is hard even for those that are uniquely open to all, mystical or paranormal events..

A night with a Mermaid, a lonely woman…  You hear her singing, ifinn you’re open to her strange sounding voice..  (Scientist would only dissect, a creature with this awesome beauty)

Marco, swimming with a Mermaid, lips luck for fear of drowning, receiving Mermaids
Breath..  As she let go and Marco floated back with only one moment of fear running across his face, took in his first breath of water!  You couldn’t describe Marco surprise, as he learned the secret of those men, in those old sailing ship…  The belief an song from one of the wonders of our home the blue planet called Earth…

Good-bye Marco


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

For those addict still

trapped in their addiction,

Marco died from an

Overdose of Heroin!

heroin |ˈherōən|


a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.

[Alternative name: diacetylmorphine; chemical formula: C 17H 17NO(C 2H 3O 2) 2.]

Hospital Rocks

As to a wondering toad!  flowing throughout the city, digging in dumpsters, sliding within the alleys of the Fairview Neighbourhood..


After that is said an done..


A toad, hopefully loaded with bottles, an whatever, makes his way to the bottle depot to cash-in his bounty…


Most times passes Vancouver General Hospital on down past the crazy ward, in through a little nook set within the buildings, a place where some unidentified souls stack rocks..  It has been sometime since rocks have been stack, failing last years attempts..


Cutting a long story short,


just the other day, as a toad was making the journey to the depot,


a toad spied with his little eye;


stacked rocks!


Now you have it,


Stacked Hospital Rocks



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Broken Breakfast

As toad’s meal of the day was sadly not all out of the dumpster, methinks, this one was bought or stolen?


.129 kgs of ground beef

1 small sweet potato (stolen)

3 medium eggs

2 tbs of oil (from Dumpster)

1 oz of Synchromesh Wine (2015 Riesling Naramata Bench, BC

Okanagan Falls, BC)

Bottle de dijon mustard (finishing touch to meal)


Meal made in one pan on a camping burner, outside sitting by the innlet at Science World Olympic Village…


First slice up sweet potato, adding that and the ground beef to pan letting it brown to desired flavour..  (Personally i like mine on the burnt side!) Adding wine,to finish off the cooking of beef an potato…  Scramble three eggs pouring them into pan over beef an potato, allow eggs to become golden brown on bottom before turning…  Once turn and browned again, remove from heat..  Let cool to desired eating temperature,  then cover lightly with De Dijon Mustard of ifinn you have another choice, go right a head…

Now in ending;

the reason i’ve call this meal broken breakfast, because just before i went to place on burner it spilled onto the ground…






However all is good, just picked up what i could an continued on…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Passing thought; (grandmother)

i was passing some newly awaken lilacs, which triggered some childhood memories, knowing how you so loved these flower with a breath of sunshine as a fragrance…


Time when you would bathe me in the kitchen sink..  There was a time that i ran away from home, not sure how old i was, only that they were amazed that i made all the way to your house..


Possibly in the near future i will stop into the big old church downtown, the one you would drag me to as small child to light another candle for you grandma!


Even though it is of a conflict of interest too my way life and thinking.




i miss you grandma!


your loving grandson, sunny!


chris jensen

This is the reason the public doesn’t want us in their alleys…


I have lived on the streets and binning for some time now, all over the city of Vancouver British Columbia Canada.  There are times when I was as bad, making a mess and destroying things for the metal, leaving the alley in the way that I am about to showing you through these photos.  After my father Passed away, I had made my way back to the streets with a different attitude.  By not creating the destruction or leaving a garbage trail in my wake, by treating the other binners with more respect.



Reason why they don’t want us binners in the alleys…

There are many reasons where they don’t like us binning in their alleys.  Most of all it would reason like these, spreading garbage and defecating in the alleys and around dumpsters that don’t help the issue.  However there are those of us in which do pickup garbage and do are best to not make any kind of mess or do things stupid like shitting in the alley.  If the need arises and I can’t make it a washroom, I do it in a box, and then throw away…  Simple you animals which cannot do the same…


Snip from my Journal…

June 1, 2012

Another brand new month, o-my what a wonderful life, It couldn’t get much better than what I have now.  I spent the whole day at the park lying around doing nothing except sleeping and eating.  I should get off my ass today and do some binning.  I will make my way down to the office to pick up one of my checks.


I’m having trouble understanding Stan, now when I see him he is either leaving of just passing by, a simple hello, then away we go.  What’s up with that?  People, you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.


I have contemplated about going to the house to work on the gutters, I’m not looking forward to doing this kind of work because it involves getting up on the roof and I don’t like heights.  I still have a healthy fear of falling…


I have wondered what happen to the chocolate muffin at McDonald’s.  Now I have to get the blueberry, which is OK but just doesn’t cut it.  If only that was my biggest problem of the day, not having a chocolate muffin.  I find it funny how a few well-placed comas will fix a sentence.  For this grade six adult comas make my day.   Yes, life full of it’s wonders and delights.


I should make some posts on the blog; this blogging can be never-ending.


It’s funny that one of the things that I miss about my father would be shining his shoes, how I hated to do this simple task and bitch every time…  Maybe I could dig out a pair of his shoe and give them a good shine…