Broken Breakfast

As toad’s meal of the day was sadly not all out of the dumpster, methinks, this one was bought or stolen?


.129 kgs of ground beef

1 small sweet potato (stolen)

3 medium eggs

2 tbs of oil (from Dumpster)

1 oz of Synchromesh Wine (2015 Riesling Naramata Bench, BC

Okanagan Falls, BC)

Bottle de dijon mustard (finishing touch to meal)


Meal made in one pan on a camping burner, outside sitting by the innlet at Science World Olympic Village…


First slice up sweet potato, adding that and the ground beef to pan letting it brown to desired flavour..  (Personally i like mine on the burnt side!) Adding wine,to finish off the cooking of beef an potato…  Scramble three eggs pouring them into pan over beef an potato, allow eggs to become golden brown on bottom before turning…  Once turn and browned again, remove from heat..  Let cool to desired eating temperature,  then cover lightly with De Dijon Mustard of ifinn you have another choice, go right a head…

Now in ending;

the reason i’ve call this meal broken breakfast, because just before i went to place on burner it spilled onto the ground…






However all is good, just picked up what i could an continued on…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Kippers an eggs (toad’s breakfast)

Crazy as a toad!


While at jonathan rogers park, where a toad has been stopping after cashing in his bottles and hopefully running some other important errands, he has been making breakfast;




2 Kippers

1 Sweet potato

½ Small onion

½ cup bok choy

1 Orange peeled and sliced

2 tablespoons oil

3 oz of pink wine?

½ cup lemon cheese


O-Yeah, coffee
Kippers an eggs (toad’s breakfast)

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad