Fatherly Love…

Nothing like the Love of a Father, as a toad wanders the alleys throughout the midnight city,

he came across a father, i believe just leaving for someplace important to his day…  The proud father was holding an image within which a child had drawn..


A toad, stop him asking ifinn he may take a photograph,


well here is the answer!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

We tease


I have found in the world that I live in, children always have the answer for everything! I believe this painting makes my point very clear. The painter truly has a gift. I fear children and at the same time if you look into a child’s eyes and when they look back into your eyes they give you a glimpse of the future,  when they smile back they know you seen it…



Write Life – oil on fabric covered foam, Japan clay, wood / Daeng Buasand

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