Every year around this time a store open, just for that one spooky night, of Hallow-eve, for those that would like to pick-up costumes for the little one’s of the family…


You know, to get in the Halloween spirit!


Well once again it is that time of the year…


Then the store will close the doors until next year..



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Please help



VanBirdWeek (Olympic Village)

A toad, has been hanging @ Olympic Village throughout the daytime…  Sleeping mostly, an making the meal of the day all, while working on a BMX, for the joy of riding..


Anyway on with the post, while stopping inside the community center for water, well on the way out, tacked to a wall, where this image.. i would assume from children?  Nonetheless to assume is making an ass of oneself…


Well several photographs later,


we have a post,


so the toad gives you Olympic Village  VanBirdWeek images;





toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Unwanted Art!

As a toad cruising throughout the alleys in the Fairview Neighbourhood, looking for gold in those hills…  No, collecting bottles, an other lost treasures..


A toad love taking photographs of unwanted art, which as been tossed into the dumpsters or lying beside..


i the toad, had thought that i had more images to share with you?  Nonetheless, where only god knows?


Anyway here is “Unwanted Art;

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

The feature image

is a photograph of a child’s

blanket at Jonathan Rogers Park!

Jokes, jokes, jokes

Kids are the greatest how could we do without, it’s hard when we have to let go…

Little Hoot

I love telling jokes. At my school talent show this year, I told FIVE jokes. Here they are:

Joke #1 – Why were the strawberries so upset? They were in a jam!

Joke #2 – Why did the man throw his watch out the window? He wanted to see time fly!

Joke #3 – What’s the strongest vegetable in the world? Muscle sprouts!

Joke #4 – Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he was peeling bad!

Joke #5 – What do sea monsters eat for dinner? Fish and shhhips!

Now I need more jokes! Can you send me some? Please?

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