Finished a two week, “Time-Out”!


i found it a bit childish,


to be putting me on a time-out (basically they locked me out of my room for two weeks) like i was a bad boy an placed into the corner with dunce hat on…


Like sending me outside was going to bother me a great deal, i mean they took me off the street where i had been living for years…


On another note, now being able to get into the shower an be clean, inwhich after i made breakfast, something that is harder to do outside, i must say felt great…


How fast we forget the simple pleasures in life….


Just for those interested i’ve stop into Tim Hortons to have a chocolate-creamy-chill, i feel for the twins, whom love this drink….

And to my dear sister, whom sometimes reads thisoldtoad, i do miss you an please say hello to our big sister!

April 29 2019 Chris jensen

Love chris

A pleasent gift….

for a toad…

From prayer….

Have you found yourself, swinging your hand uncontrolably? Along with interesting sexual thoughts?

Funny sence of humor from newly centiant prayer… Now prayer an i have been at battle for sometime now, i’ve learned that you can’t beat prayer until, you let it go! Simple really, just let go, an you’ve won….

i’m only guessing, but i would take this chance in say that most people think the power prayer comes from “dog” opps i mean god… You couldn’t be more wrong, the power of prayer comes from the human heart, nothing to do with “dog” i mean god!

Just think of how many humans are on this blue rock we call home? Far to many to tell the truth, but that’s another topic… All those people praying, now really knowing where their prayers are going accept, the second pope, whom wears the ring of the first now gone first pope… Damn that took some doing…

Personally i would like to cut off the hand that wears the ring, some how through time, the majority of prayer, i would think a fault of prayer it self, we all make mistakes including prayer! Has tied itself to the one ring, which is the only piece of real gold the church has to date, everything else, family has including the arch, some call it god’s house, i like to piss in it… Grandfather a really, i mean really old Vampire, finds that amusing… Him and his brother fought in some really ugly wars, to live to this day… Wars like we have never seen, most likely will see simular war in our future, from other worlds, want our of couse, why else would come all that way for nothing… They would shield a handful of humans, against all odds, so that we may live another day… A act of lov, that see’s, no thank!

There can only be one family, an that is our!

I would say i got just a little sidetracked…


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chris jensen (DarkPrince)