Britannia, Library, Assholes Hand…

The toad, is in the library running through a blog of a hopeful new blogging friend..  It took sometime in finding the right address, do too stupidity an a electricity enhanced frontal lobe…

The toad was rather enjoy reading the post from a new blogging friend, when, let’s say the library asshole, pushes the quiet sign in front of the toad…


Now he was not the only person at the computer tables, one of maybe a dozen..


The only thing sad about the whole experience was we did get his face, nonetheless we did get a picture of a hand?






damn an damn!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Wall of Images (thisoldtoad)

As a wandering toad moves about the midnight city, he often comes across surprising creative though, displayed somewhere for all those too enjoy!


i apologize for the amount of time it has taken me!  The toad….  To get this post up onto the net..


i have ran into some difficulties with my telephone downloading images..  Have found a way only it is very costly..


i like the camera on this phone, however probably be picking a new telephone in the future,

sad day in toad’s world, he never really seems to get a head..


Enough, Bullshit here is the post the toad call’s the “Wall of Images”….

With a heartfelt thank you, the toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

History Metal Art by thisoldtoad

As a toad moves about the midnight city, he comes across what he see as strange and unusual art, well if you would like to call it that…  What it look’s like to the toad, is an old city boiler pieces place together for a business in the commercial drive district..


Making a terrible story short, the toad will present Metal Art!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Art From Commercial Drive;

Well this morning a toad, was awake very early, having about a couple of hours before one of his favorite Coffee shops opens Turk’s Coffee Bar, on Commercial Drive, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  The toad found some artwork paint on the side of a building, so what does a toad do?


Well he takes photographs, to place in a post!


Of course..


Now with all the BS done and over with, the toad presents to you;


Art From Commercial Drive!



toad (chris jensen)