A pleasent gift….

for a toad…

From prayer….

Have you found yourself, swinging your hand uncontrolably? Along with interesting sexual thoughts?

Funny sence of humor from newly centiant prayer… Now prayer an i have been at battle for sometime now, i’ve learned that you can’t beat prayer until, you let it go! Simple really, just let go, an you’ve won….

i’m only guessing, but i would take this chance in say that most people think the power prayer comes from “dog” opps i mean god… You couldn’t be more wrong, the power of prayer comes from the human heart, nothing to do with “dog” i mean god!

Just think of how many humans are on this blue rock we call home? Far to many to tell the truth, but that’s another topic… All those people praying, now really knowing where their prayers are going accept, the second pope, whom wears the ring of the first now gone first pope… Damn that took some doing…

Personally i would like to cut off the hand that wears the ring, some how through time, the majority of prayer, i would think a fault of prayer it self, we all make mistakes including prayer! Has tied itself to the one ring, which is the only piece of real gold the church has to date, everything else, family has including the arch, some call it god’s house, i like to piss in it… Grandfather a really, i mean really old Vampire, finds that amusing… Him and his brother fought in some really ugly wars, to live to this day… Wars like we have never seen, most likely will see simular war in our future, from other worlds, want our of couse, why else would come all that way for nothing… They would shield a handful of humans, against all odds, so that we may live another day… A act of lov, that see’s, no thank!

There can only be one family, an that is our!

I would say i got just a little sidetracked…


chris jensen-Aug-3

chris jensen (DarkPrince)

Another installment of a toad!

To wander throughout a day, when death can shut everything down…  As it has done on, November Eleventh, Two Thousand Seventeen…


One would think, that we should rejoice, in those which have given most of us, the chance to live our lifestyles so freely each day…

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i seem to have, had a restless sleep, in the parkade lastnight..  Tossing an turning, most of the cold night, as dreams bombarded me endlessly..  Either i don’t remember my dreams or possibly i don’t dream?  Which is a lie, all creatures dream…


As i try, my best, to recall, even a piece of one dream…  i find that extremely difficult, yet in the middle of the night, the recall was so vivid.  It was like waking in a new world..


As my morning are always based around McD’s…  Opening for my morning coffee an cigarette, then finishing off with a muffin…


Normally i would connect to the free wifi, using a laptop, only through my own stupidity, i’ve lost another mac…


Bring the thought will i be able to keep a mac long enough to write some music an make movies?


A passion that i have picked-up over time by owning apple products…  i would like to clarify that i’m not very good at both!  Nonetheless a passion…  Which i do miss everytime i lose another apple product…


i’ve always said that “coincidences do happen in my life!”


i don’t believe in any higher power or god, so with that i regret it would only leave destiny…


Day by day i struggle with the fact that a maid or by canadian law a “common-law mother” can live in a house with my name on the ownership, until she dies or moves out…  Now here is as question; “whom would move out of a five million dollar home with a mountain view out, every back window of the house?”


Only in canada, law never follows the morally right answer!


Therefore always the wrong person suffers!


Only in canada….


i would say that i have bitched enough this morning…


My heart felt lov,

to all those whom read this little piece of my life…  From a toad, living on the street…

An more thoughts, as a simple day does move on, trapping time throughout a distorted toad’s mind…  Lost an one eye blind!


To whisper a life, dissecting within a double edged knife, sliding throughout the most hidden time…  Doing my damnedest to create  the most crappiest of rhymes..


All waiting for a meal, well worth the dollar i paid…  As the meal will last me, the better part of the day!


i must add that i ask for a knapsack, an was rewarded…

As i was waiting for this meal, a staff-worker was commenting about another shelter opening..


i had to ask, “is this the only way to get fast-tracked into housing?  Sadly the answer was, pretty much the way things are ran these days!”


Now i don’t know if those living lives, which are not to be declared homeless, have spent anytime in one of those shelters?


Only my own opinion.  They would have to be the worst place on earth!  i’ve slept on the street about a third of my life and to this day i will not sleep in a homeless-shelter….


Think of it this way;


Imagine, fifty or more people, from the street in need of a shower an clean cloths, now add the street attitude, topped with using addict’s, covered with a staff, not all happy about baby-sitting adults, an to make you feel safe, you must keep an eye on everything you own, because there is always somebody wanting what they don’t have, an are un-willing to work for honestly…


There you have it,


staying in a homeless shelter!


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Have human lifespans maxed out at 115 years? — sqwabb

One school of thought about human longevity believes that death should be treatable and curable—like a disease; while another can best be summed up by the old adage that in this world, “nothing is certain except death and taxes“. Now a group of American scientists are saying that they’re not certain if any of us […]

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Painting the city! (Wow taggers impressive.)

To keep up with those images crossing a toad’s path…  Hard work, i think not!  Just distracts me from writing poetry, which i must say, i do come up with some real stinkers..


It’s all good…


We tag, they paint, we tag, they paint…


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