A moment thought, from an old-man!

As i wander, the streets of the midnight city, watching those without remorse or pity!  Waltzingly dancing, creatively driven….


Unable to be, silently hidden…


An old-man, always someone prey…  It’s just material,

acquisition, nothing really, just toys of today…


Society within those of humanity, wish to destroy, the knowledge of an old-mans creative mind…


They do this, i would believe in fear!


i say what is to fear, from one single old-man trapped on the streets of the midnight city…



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Donate, Donate, Donate!


i really don’t see the problem, i mean that you walk by someone on the street panning,


Wam-bam-boom, you drop a toonie in the hat!


Nothing said, nonetheless the next you walk by again!  Wam-bam-boom, another toonie drops into the hat!


My point here is that?


You get honest content, from a similar person living on the street, only i don’t use a hat,


ask politely within the internet…


However, in the many years that i’ve been blogging, there was only two people whom donated, one i received, the other was stolen from me…


Well no more said, we’re done!


Please donate…
toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Wall of Images (thisoldtoad)

As a wandering toad moves about the midnight city, he often comes across surprising creative though, displayed somewhere for all those too enjoy!


i apologize for the amount of time it has taken me!  The toad….  To get this post up onto the net..


i have ran into some difficulties with my telephone downloading images..  Have found a way only it is very costly..


i like the camera on this phone, however probably be picking a new telephone in the future,

sad day in toad’s world, he never really seems to get a head..


Enough, Bullshit here is the post the toad call’s the “Wall of Images”….

With a heartfelt thank you, the toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad