Two Meals By toad

Feature Image, would be the Ham & Sweet Potato

The first meal, made a couple of days ago;


Smoked Salmon

baby bok choy

baked potato

two eggs

steamed with a white wine


The second meal; yesterday’s;



sweet potato


fresh basil


Steamed in the last of the white wine..


All meals made from ingredients

out of the dumpsters,

from the fairview neighbourhood…

Reason why they don’t want us binners in the alleys…

There are many reasons where they don’t like us binning in their alleys.  Most of all it would reason like these, spreading garbage and defecating in the alleys and around dumpsters that don’t help the issue.  However there are those of us in which do pickup garbage and do are best to not make any kind of mess or do things stupid like shitting in the alley.  If the need arises and I can’t make it a washroom, I do it in a box, and then throw away…  Simple you animals which cannot do the same…