Looking for answers;


As a toad wonders within an throughout looking for those answers, which nobody, i mean nobody  else wishes to talk about, like “Egypt”?  So what is the  big deal, about a subject as crazy as egypt?  i know that officers of the law and those of the hospital are involved in one form or the other. Now what a toad is wondering, how about the government?  Now there are many levels to a government,  which level would our government if any be involved with such a crazy subject?


There are also those of whom, i really hate!  They would be the church, in some form, not that it really matters, they all have set-back the human-race, most likely from the very start..

i say; damn the church!


Another crazy thought, who else have they taken and play their games with, destroying their interest?


with loving destruction the toad (chris jensen)

A toad thought:


Research, knowledge leading to those answers, some people don’t want to know..  i’ve placed myself in and throughout, what i would call interesting moments..


What makes it all, the more exciting, a single gesture from one individual, most times it happen when you would least expect..


Which is even more gratifying is the next day, when the real magick happens, from that simple gift the day before, turned bold..


i will not stop following my heart……


chris jensen (toad)

A Storm in toad’s mind;

A toad just wanders throughout life, like any other lost soul..  What throughout a toad’s mind sometime surprise even a toad..

Science or Curse..

No matter, a toad does what a toad does!

Now for over a couple of month, the word “Egypt” has been consuming a great amount of a toad’s thoughts..


For whatever F**king reason a toad, has just about had enough, so now onto a quest, into the word and the reason Egypt, has been cursing a toad’s every thought!

toad (chris jensen)