Time doesn’t add up?

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Well off toad went on a ride-about taking him in, out and throughout the city of home Vancouver BC Canada…


Fifth generation born on the west coast…


You would think that for the simple fact the toad does believe there is anybody back East, i mean who’s running the country?

That’s if seem like the majority has moved this side of the Rocky Mountains..


As always simply side-track, like a little child, wandering a candy store..


Here are some image of a toad’s where about in the last, who knows when?  Why the three W’s…  Ha!  lol



20150905_093539 (1)

20150904_151157 (1)



20150904_101151 (1)


20150903_131923 (1)

20150903_120800 (3)

20150903_120750 (3)

20150903_120722 (2)

20150903_120714 (2)

20150903_114738 (3)

20150903_114724 (1)

20150903_114632 (1)

toad (chris jensen)

We tease


I have found in the world that I live in, children always have the answer for everything! I believe this painting makes my point very clear. The painter truly has a gift. I fear children and at the same time if you look into a child’s eyes and when they look back into your eyes they give you a glimpse of the future,  when they smile back they know you seen it…



Write Life – oil on fabric covered foam, Japan clay, wood / Daeng Buasand

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A snip from my journal…

My living on the street and the drugs I do is not what the family wishes for me and they say ” you can do better for myself.”  I don’t see my lifestyle this way! By living on the street I don’t bring my addiction into their lives.  In weird and strange way I know that I’m happy. Sometimes it seems really hard; I do have my moments when I would not want to be any where else in life.  I never started out to living on the street, I was forced too through bad choices of my own, then it grew on me.  Now it is away of life which I enjoy…

chris jensen (thisoldtoad)