Pushy Friend & Granville Tag

Above image of a pushy friend…

While a toad spent the day at the park, by the tennis club..  A toad loves to hear the tennis balls bounce back an forth…  Strange but a toad find the sound of the bouncing tennis balls soothing..


While sitting in the shade of a great old tree, taking in the tranquility and just being a toad..


People often bring their dogs to the park for a run, and other shit!



Well, seem a toad made a friend, whom was very pushy at teaching a toad to play a little fetch.. Kind of made a toad’s day…


Well back to the reason of the post,


like a toad says, “paint the city!”


While trying to do his damndest to finish a poem, which for some reason was giving a toad some problems!  So outside for a cigarette..  What do think the toad spots?


The reason for a very quick post;


Pushy Friend & Granville Tag;

granville tag

Above tag on Granville Street..

Below tags our in the fairview area of the city…


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Rooftop Graffiti, April 13, 2016

Up with the birds early, as toad started to move about the midnight city…  Checking some morning stops for bottles..  There has been this high wall upon a rooftop, which the toad hopefully will tag himself once he can paint graffiti like those would been pro’s…


Like always we paint, they paint!


We paint, they paint, we paint……….


Rooftop Graffiti…….



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Laughing though;


As toad moves about the city alleys, looking for bottles and whatever is valuable, he comes across tags, funny i should mention tags!  A toad can go about the city not even tagging, nonetheless finds his tag everywhere!  What is surprising is that the tag was not place by a toad, even more funnier is that the tag get’s dissed most times..


To not to tag or to not to tag, that is the question?


A toad does wonder if you diss a tag which was not made by the tagger, what would you call that?


i would stupidity in the grandest sense….


So to all those dissing a tag, which i have not made, you look more stupider than you had ever imagine!


toad (chris jensen)


I have known Stan for sometime now, I remember when he didn’t even use a trailer for his binning.  Now Stan out does me many times over.  It goes to show how lazy I can get on my best days collecting bottles.  This morn I thought it would be great to take a photo of the two loads, knowing that because of the way that Stan crushes all his bottles to find out the difference in the amount of cash which we both get cashing are bottles.  It goes to show that how much you know something there is always someone who can do it better!




PS the gentleman in blue didn’t like his picture taken…

Abandoning the Space Shuttle… a Lesson for Educators

Upon reading and posting through other Blogs I have come across your Blogger, which I must say fascinates me to no end. I’m looking forward to reading and studying your writing style.


A Space for Learning

The U.S. Department of Education, and more than a few state-level departments, could take a lesson from NASA.  On a recent evening, I had the opportunity to again hear one of my favorite local celebrities; Kathy Thornton, engineer, professor, UVa associate dean, and a 4-mission retired space shuttle astronaut. Kathy doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her informed perspectives on space. She’s earned that right, having been key to several major payload deployments into space including the first service work on the Hubble telescope. She’s a real-deal spacewalker. And, she’s fascinated with the human narrative of exploration. She began her talk with an image of one of the earliest maps of the globe in existence.

So, what does Kathy’s focus on the narrative of human exploration have to do with education?

Kathy Thornton created a metaphor in my mind as she spoke. Here’s what she shared…

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