Fatherly Love…

Nothing like the Love of a Father, as a toad wanders the alleys throughout the midnight city,

he came across a father, i believe just leaving for someplace important to his day…  The proud father was holding an image within which a child had drawn..


A toad, stop him asking ifinn he may take a photograph,


well here is the answer!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Early flowers (Note to Father)

Sorry Dad,



i’ve not talked to you in sometime, things are as always, still the same in my life..  Still on the street, however doing less drugs!  This may please you a little, i really hate to say anything about this but for the first time i’ve tried my best to keep money in the bank, by now i would have spent my whole cheque with nothing left over, until next cheque date.. Continue reading “Early flowers (Note to Father)”

Hello father,


i would like to start off with i miss you a great deal, i miss the laughter and of course the arguments..


i miss those moment as we would wander throughout your favorite store (Home Depot), you were like a kid in a candy store..


i miss those times when you would share your love with the planets in the yard and about the house.


i miss those times, when i would try anything to get out of working on your next project..


i miss those morning as we would sit to have breakfast, gazing upon the North Shore Mountains..


i truly miss those time, when i was a very young child sitting on the diesel tank of the cat, while you built the biggest bon-fires i ever saw in my life!


Yes dad, now that you’re gone, life will never be the same for me…  i don’t know if that is good thing or bad thing, only that i miss you!


Here are some red roses for you today..






Your son chris

To my dear SISTERS…

This post I make for my dear sister, I am now truly grateful have my dear sister because are family would be very lonely without anybody to hold the family together now that Dads gone.  As strange as it was Dad kept the family alive?  More than ever now it feels like I’m alone in the world.  If it were not for you two the world would be come scary place.  Knowing you two are there keeps out of me delusional world and in the present.


Thank you dear sisters


chris jensen (Toad)


Snip from my Journal…

June 1, 2012

Another brand new month, o-my what a wonderful life, It couldn’t get much better than what I have now.  I spent the whole day at the park lying around doing nothing except sleeping and eating.  I should get off my ass today and do some binning.  I will make my way down to the office to pick up one of my checks.


I’m having trouble understanding Stan, now when I see him he is either leaving of just passing by, a simple hello, then away we go.  What’s up with that?  People, you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.


I have contemplated about going to the house to work on the gutters, I’m not looking forward to doing this kind of work because it involves getting up on the roof and I don’t like heights.  I still have a healthy fear of falling…


I have wondered what happen to the chocolate muffin at McDonald’s.  Now I have to get the blueberry, which is OK but just doesn’t cut it.  If only that was my biggest problem of the day, not having a chocolate muffin.  I find it funny how a few well-placed comas will fix a sentence.  For this grade six adult comas make my day.   Yes, life full of it’s wonders and delights.


I should make some posts on the blog; this blogging can be never-ending.


It’s funny that one of the things that I miss about my father would be shining his shoes, how I hated to do this simple task and bitch every time…  Maybe I could dig out a pair of his shoe and give them a good shine…