A ship of dreams..


The earned gift from a drug addict. whom believed in his own fantasies…  Laugh at, spit on and pissed on, continued forward looking for a hope to move human life into their proper place within space an time…


A struggle just to stay sane, an solid to his destiny an dreams…


Spent most of his time alone, trying to bring factual proof, to those supernatural an alien question…  Whom believed in things that nobody thought to real…


Now spend most of his time, putting together computers, just so he could document his life’s adventures, all while taking please in the use of his drug addictions..


Now sadly finds himself, still much alone, now everybody believes that they should all take part, in what a drug addict, has earned bragging rights too…


i’m not sorry when i see people walking by or pushing there problems at him as if they have known him all his struggling life…


So for those, whom this drug addict doesn’t even know their name, you have no right to what i have earned for family an myself…


To some close friends, i will do my best to help, please, i mean please don’t take a advantage over what i have given my life too..

chris jensen 6-25-18 at 10

chris jensen

Understanding a toad

i’ve gotten sidetracked, an i do not mean the drugs…  Just i need to change my hours around, well i guess you would say manage my time better…


Now i should have already realised that!  But as my brother from a different mother, hate about teaching me..  Was i did learn to fast and this drove him nuts so much, however i loved doing that!

One day this did change!   By no more teaching..  But he still is a helpful brother..


So i do apologise about my posting time..  This will change due, to me working out a schedule, which becomes convenient to all, especially myself..


One thing, which puzzles me?


Is about friendships, don’t have motives, do they?”



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with David Bowie, crossing the line!

Marco (Died January 3, 2017)

Marco (Died January 3, 2017)

Marco an i really didn’t see i too i, nonetheless where close acquaintances,

often seeing each other @ gogreen bottle depot,  in the alley by 7th…  i often wondered where an how did he end up on the streets, drug would be to blame, however being an addict, still using by choice, feel that there also was something deep underneath, those hidden emotional scars…


Within one of Marco’s dreams, we had spent some time together..   In a place i have found to be a safe haven!  By Burrard Inlet the Security in the area, is ran by some solid pe0ple…  So i often go there, by myself..

The night Marco refused to believe, meeting anything in the paranormal realm, is hard even for those that are uniquely open to all, mystical or paranormal events..

A night with a Mermaid, a lonely woman…  You hear her singing, ifinn you’re open to her strange sounding voice..  (Scientist would only dissect, a creature with this awesome beauty)

Marco, swimming with a Mermaid, lips luck for fear of drowning, receiving Mermaids
Breath..  As she let go and Marco floated back with only one moment of fear running across his face, took in his first breath of water!  You couldn’t describe Marco surprise, as he learned the secret of those men, in those old sailing ship…  The belief an song from one of the wonders of our home the blue planet called Earth…

Good-bye Marco


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

For those addict still

trapped in their addiction,

Marco died from an

Overdose of Heroin!

heroin |ˈherōən|


a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.

[Alternative name: diacetylmorphine; chemical formula: C 17H 17NO(C 2H 3O 2) 2.]

Terminal Squat…

I’m back again, sorry for not making any post sooner.  I had run into an interesting character that was squatting out by terminal for sometime move when the police would ask him to move.  The police have the same old routine they give us street people twenty-four hours to move.  This in the photos was CNN property at one time and then they took out the tracks nobody ever goes there only to dump garbage.  I decided to spend as many days before we got the boot.  I found hanging out with Wayne a great street experience and was hoping it would have lasted longer.  It see that the neighbourhood was against the two of us.  We doing are best to stay out of the public’s eye; most time all we want is to be left alone.  There those of us street people who are doing are best to stay out of trouble and I can honestly say that Wayne is one of them.   I can say the same for myself too.  Here are a few photos.

An unconditional friend…


This friendship could end if Ellen would somehow where see her lovely face on my Blog, however she has been a big part of my life always giving me a safe place to indulge in some of my guilty pleasure.  Ellen always has endless gossip yak about every time that I take to spend with her.  I remember year’s back that she made the best soup out a bin and in the back alleys as anyone could make keeping us warm and healthy through some of those cold winter months that street life brings to are lifestyle.  Where this woman gets all her bottles from I could not guess, I have yet to see Ellen climb into a bin…  The hardest thing that one has with Ellen’s friendship is giving back to her without getting anything back in return takes a real sly, tricking attitude.  You must be quick.  I have known Ellen for years and she is always one step ahead of me.