Today’s toad…

Another installment of a toad, as to learning a small meaning of lov?


i walk the streets dreaming, as one looks for lost treasure an unwanted prayer, which drifted from caring loving people in-which i’ve never known…


My thoughts are always on filling a bag full of bottles, which people have donated, unconsciously…


i would like to make the statement, “We, whom collect these nickels an dimes are honestly an truthfully grateful….


So i will say, “i will soon set-forth on a venture of magickal delight, hunting unwanted treasures, picking-up nickels an dimes..


Thank you Vancouver BC Canada, for making my life possible in the most uniquely, filled with magick an wonder!

Hop skip an jump, storming through puddles, like a child floating within heaven..


Which was not my intention, just getting where i needed to go!


Back to the Kettle for another, dollar meal!  Damn ifinn i do an damn ifinn i don’t?


Tis the life of a homeless man, which is banished from his rightful place on Wall Street….


Tis a dance through time, captured within a delusional mind, homeless to be his only crime…


i do believe the above paragraph will be turned into a poetic rhyme?


Day by day learning the placement of lov, not a heavenly lov, but a lov, created by ordinary people, none with a belief or a god or heaven above…


i’ve been writing non-sense for years now, so times just can’t believe that there are some whom will read, what a delusional man living on the streets of Vancouver BC Canada has to say?


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

An You Wonder, why?

Destructive Garbage

I’ve been using drugs, 90% of my life, there was a time, when i did, leave similar place full of garbage, nonetheless, i don’t believe it ever got this bad…

An the using addict of Vancouver BC Canada, wonder why people don’t like use wondering around…

As a using addict, i’m very disappointed, those whom left the garbage in such a manor…

i apologize for what it’s worth…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Employee Personality, relating to a bouquet of dandelions…

Now hidden running throughout the alleys, disregarding broken man made law, i’ve choose Mainhardt, for a simple fact, do your really know what Uppies, throw away daily?


Street living dining like royalty..


Now to my point darling, i’ve have been digging in this dumpster for longer than, you probably have worked for the company!  Hell, i don’t believe any other employee would admit that!


Now to really throw fuel into the fire, what’s in the dumpster now belongs to the name painted on the side of the dumpster!  Meaning it no longer belongs to Mainhardt….


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Two Meals By toad

Feature Image, would be the Ham & Sweet Potato

The first meal, made a couple of days ago;


Smoked Salmon

baby bok choy

baked potato

two eggs

steamed with a white wine


The second meal; yesterday’s;



sweet potato


fresh basil


Steamed in the last of the white wine..


All meals made from ingredients

out of the dumpsters,

from the fairview neighbourhood…

Dropping Coins

We all make our money in different ways, now i’m not say that i have not panned for spare change, nonetheless panning is just not my way of life, especially when there is money lying everywhere in the dumpsters and in the back alleys of this midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada…


As to a drop of the coin, feeding your own addiction, or let’s just say paying for another’s, there was a time when my father paid for mine, however my sister had convinced our father about tough love.


That was a sad day in my life where as now i was out looking for some other ways of paying for my drug of choice… (You just gotta love sisters!)


Even throughout the toughest times most of those, which i called friends and myself, we’d tried our best not to leave a mess in cleaning up the garbage as we’ve left…


When i pass a coin, most times i know where it will be spent, simply because i’m an addict also!


So in ending this post;


When you drop a coin, maybe feeding your addiction, throughout anothers…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

This is the reason the public doesn’t want us in their alleys…


I have lived on the streets and binning for some time now, all over the city of Vancouver British Columbia Canada.  There are times when I was as bad, making a mess and destroying things for the metal, leaving the alley in the way that I am about to showing you through these photos.  After my father Passed away, I had made my way back to the streets with a different attitude.  By not creating the destruction or leaving a garbage trail in my wake, by treating the other binners with more respect.



Reason why they don’t want us binners in the alleys…

There are many reasons where they don’t like us binning in their alleys.  Most of all it would reason like these, spreading garbage and defecating in the alleys and around dumpsters that don’t help the issue.  However there are those of us in which do pickup garbage and do are best to not make any kind of mess or do things stupid like shitting in the alley.  If the need arises and I can’t make it a washroom, I do it in a box, and then throw away…  Simple you animals which cannot do the same…


Unknown soldiers…

I the morning on my way to the depot, I have always gone by Jonathon Rogers Park.  The park is in the industrial neighbourhood and heavily used by all those in the area.  I have been surprised at the pristine the park stays, however I gave it no thought, how it was getting done.  I’ve just used the park like all others.  Then one day you see them in action everyday citizens doing their part to help keep it clean.

It’s like magic in the air.

The toad.