Graffiti & Tags June 26, 2017

For all those painting friends, throughout the midnight city…


They Paint!


We Paint!


They Paint!


Please to enjoy those images i’ve captured…

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Tags & Graffiti May 20, 2017 (Part 1)

To all those that follow, my post of Tags & Graffiti, once again, i had run into a problem…  i couldn’t make post because of the improper cables connect my phone

to the computer…


Reasons being, i´ve lost yet another mountain bike an trailer…  Really funny how i just can’t keep track of my things..  i know of another whom, is also living on the street, this gentle-man has had the same bike an trailer, for the past three years or more, yet i´ve gone through i don’t even know how many now, that i have lost count…


Well enough of my bull-shit an on with the post;


i present to you;


Tags & Graffiti May 20, 2017!



toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad


those would be painters

let’s paint the city!

Tags & Graffiti April 29, 2017 (Vancouver BC Canada)

Sadly it is a shame that a person living on the streets of Vancouver cannot be safe enough that a person most lose another MacBook to some drug addict…  Funny i´m a drug addict also, but i don´t go around stealing computers from people…

i just may add that i´ve been targeted once again by the street, an the drug addict of our wonderful city…

Well that said an done…

i´m back in business post tags an or graffiti…

So i present to you ¨Tags & Graffiti April 29, 2017¨…

Tags & Graffiti April 29, 2017.gif

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Downtown Vancouver Graffiti April 20,2017

Just another day down to the hood of Vancouver BC Canada, while down in the hood for my own reasons, i got the time to take some photographs of some outstanding art, from unknown..

They were painting in a different area of the city but it all got painted over, removing the art work…

i just happen to be in the right place at the right time for these images..


Downtown graffiti April 20, 2017.gif

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Tags & Graffiti April 2, 2017

Back on track, posting graffiti an tags about the midnight city of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada…

It’s been sometime, since i’ve been able to continue posting these images… Only now i’ve been feeling a little under the weather!

Nonetheless, will continue take photograph’s of what ever is see around he neighbourhood as i dig in the dumpsters for bottles, unwanted and or lost treasures…

The toad presents;

Tags & Graffiti April 2, 2017

tags & graffiti April 2, 2017

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Tags Mar. 29, 2017

i must apologizes, once again, my dear tagging an graffiti, friends!

There have been some technical difficulties do to,

a personal battle with those throughout society, trapping within humanity…

Well if things go well, you be see tagging an graffiti all through my travels…

So without any more bull-shit here you have;

Tags Mar. 29, 2017………..

Tags Mar. 29, 2017

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