Snip from my journal…


September 13, 12

I woke up this morning and my friend Stan had left me a couple of pairs of 501 jeans, now the thought was nice but I am wondering if he took the time to see that they had no wholes because in each pair the crotch was very air-conditioned if you know what I mean.  My thought, return them, give Stan a heartfelt thanks but no-thanks.  Now if he asks why?  I should surely ask if he would wear the jeans?  Stan is great guy, such a perfectionist with everything that he does.  How Stan had over see this one I had to wonder where his mind was at.  Koo-Doo’s Stan…

I see that there is now a new Vancouver Police Officer on a mountain bike patrolling the neighbourhood.  Being the paranoid person that I am, stop to think that because I have bothered the Neighbourhood Ambassador’s with taking their photos when ever I get the opportunity.  The ambassadors have never bothered me but they sure have given Stick a lot of problems with his panning on the street during the rush-hour traffic. Now Stick is only trying to make buck for beer and what ever.

I am sitting in McDonald where I go every morning for my coffee and muffin and have the opportunity to connect to the free Internet.  The same women working counter every morning has seen me do this for I don’t know how long.  She must not like me or maybe she doesn’t like the homeless street people because most of the time that I order from her she  doesn’t give me a tray.  Now call me strange, (Yes we know that I am but that’s beside the point) Now why can’t I have a tray like everybody else?  I believe that I am of the human family like some of the others that I see ordering their breakfast each morning.

I would say that simple thing move simple minds such as myself.  Boy do I have it rough, when not getting a tray throws me for a loop…  It would seem there is far too much spare time on my hands…

Toad (chris jensen)


Another Snip From My Journal…

August 28, 12

I need to say thank you to Stick for getting me here this morning.  Stick doesn’t realize how much he has helped.  Right at this moment I would be waiting to get into the bank, I’d have already spent two hundred dollars and the bank machine will only give me the daily limit.  Without the help of Stick I would have been downtown performing some place and who knows what could happen.  When I am performing it’s like playing Russian Rolette with your life…  Maybe Stick can understand how grateful I am for getting through the rough time last night with a little friendship and a couple of beers.  A great big thank you Stick.


Now I believe I can move on and get some things done that needs to be done this afternoon.  I want to go to Mountain Equipment Coop and pick up some new wheels for my bike and trailer and anything else if I have enough left on my daily limit.

I am going take my time getting to the store by binning on the way to the bottle depot.  The binning could be good if the other binners are picking up their checks around this time of day.  O yes I need to buy Roger a half sack of beer for the wire he surely pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago.

When I woke-up this morn I was in a daze sitting up quickly when Stick said it was nine-o-clock because we need be out of the under ground parking lot before people who work at the restaurant begin getting to work in the morning.  Anyway I felt like shit I’m telling you it was bad, I can’t imagine going through something like this every morning, like Stick does.  He has said that it can be worse, only this morning he said that I looked worse than he felt.  I had to laugh, he told me that he would laugh at me all day because it only took a couple of beers for me to get in this kind of shape.  However after having a coffee and some breakfast at McDonald I am feel just a little better but able to function now, there is some much to get done it would be smart for me to take it really slow in getting started.  Step back and smell the roses, one would say.

Toad (chris)