To charge with Assault;


There are those, whom live on the street because it brings freedom, then there are those, whom can’t live on the street anymore because it’s to hard!


Friends come and go, then there are those that play both sides, whom you had thought as a friend..


They accuse you of stealing, when they are bigger thieves, than yourself!


There is one such person, whom i should charge with ASSAULT, i would be labeled many things after this action..


Those living on the street are always saying, “Let charge the police with assault!”  But then you take the charge to them, and they cry “Rat”!


Things like this shit show you that those, whom live on the street have lost touch with the real world, to move about the city believing that violence and crime is the only way..


I will let it go, once, however i will charge you with assault the next time!


You see i have found away to live in both worlds, where as you, trapped in one world!


chris jensen (toad)