Hello father,


i would like to start off with i miss you a great deal, i miss the laughter and of course the arguments..


i miss those moment as we would wander throughout your favorite store (Home Depot), you were like a kid in a candy store..


i miss those times when you would share your love with the planets in the yard and about the house.


i miss those times, when i would try anything to get out of working on your next project..


i miss those morning as we would sit to have breakfast, gazing upon the North Shore Mountains..


i truly miss those time, when i was a very young child sitting on the diesel tank of the cat, while you built the biggest bon-fires i ever saw in my life!


Yes dad, now that you’re gone, life will never be the same for me…  i don’t know if that is good thing or bad thing, only that i miss you!


Here are some red roses for you today..






Your son chris

Note for Coquitlam;


Note for Coquitlam;


i find it very funny, how one should miss something, which the toad, believes sad!  The knowing that there was person or person’s which thought about toad..


For some body a toad never meet and could never find out whom they may have been, missing that moment when to women would drop by say we have something for you…


Everytime the toad takes a used peanut-butter container out of the recycle bin, scrap-out what is left behind, filling his craving for peanuts..


That, loving memory of Coquitlam always appears!


So this post is made in missing you!


chris jensen (toad)