Wasp an toad @ the Park!

Just another day @ the park,


doing what a toad does best;


nothing really…


Anyway, those wasps really like meat, i’ve sat an watch them cut off little pieces of meat, well only looking within their point of view, giant pieces of meat…


They cut off a piece an carry it away, then back to do it all over again, over an over as they return for another piece of meat…


Long ago, i was a little hot-blooded @ those damn wasps, kill one or two, only to see them come an carry-off their dead..


Like that old human saying, (Bring out your dead!)


Well just another day in the park for a toad!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

VanBirdWeek (Olympic Village)

A toad, has been hanging @ Olympic Village throughout the daytime…  Sleeping mostly, an making the meal of the day all, while working on a BMX, for the joy of riding..


Anyway on with the post, while stopping inside the community center for water, well on the way out, tacked to a wall, where this image.. i would assume from children?  Nonetheless to assume is making an ass of oneself…


Well several photographs later,


we have a post,


so the toad gives you Olympic Village  VanBirdWeek images;





toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Early flowers (Note to Father)

Sorry Dad,



i’ve not talked to you in sometime, things are as always, still the same in my life..  Still on the street, however doing less drugs!  This may please you a little, i really hate to say anything about this but for the first time i’ve tried my best to keep money in the bank, by now i would have spent my whole cheque with nothing left over, until next cheque date.. Continue reading “Early flowers (Note to Father)”

To my dear SISTERS…

This post I make for my dear sister, I am now truly grateful have my dear sister because are family would be very lonely without anybody to hold the family together now that Dads gone.  As strange as it was Dad kept the family alive?  More than ever now it feels like I’m alone in the world.  If it were not for you two the world would be come scary place.  Knowing you two are there keeps out of me delusional world and in the present.


Thank you dear sisters


chris jensen (Toad)