Donate, Donate, Donate!


i really don’t see the problem, i mean that you walk by someone on the street panning,


Wam-bam-boom, you drop a toonie in the hat!


Nothing said, nonetheless the next you walk by again!  Wam-bam-boom, another toonie drops into the hat!


My point here is that?


You get honest content, from a similar person living on the street, only i don’t use a hat,


ask politely within the internet…


However, in the many years that i’ve been blogging, there was only two people whom donated, one i received, the other was stolen from me…


Well no more said, we’re done!


Please donate…
toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Dropping Coins

We all make our money in different ways, now i’m not say that i have not panned for spare change, nonetheless panning is just not my way of life, especially when there is money lying everywhere in the dumpsters and in the back alleys of this midnight city of Vancouver BC Canada…


As to a drop of the coin, feeding your own addiction, or let’s just say paying for another’s, there was a time when my father paid for mine, however my sister had convinced our father about tough love.


That was a sad day in my life where as now i was out looking for some other ways of paying for my drug of choice… (You just gotta love sisters!)


Even throughout the toughest times most of those, which i called friends and myself, we’d tried our best not to leave a mess in cleaning up the garbage as we’ve left…


When i pass a coin, most times i know where it will be spent, simply because i’m an addict also!


So in ending this post;


When you drop a coin, maybe feeding your addiction, throughout anothers…

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad