Pigeon Eating Cheerios

There is nothing more funnier than pigeon´s eating cheerios..


i tried to get a photograph only had no luck…  i´m sitting in the park (Dog Shit Park) making a little breakfast, an feeding my friends the crows..  Well, where there is birds you can count on the pigeons…


So i throw a handful of cheerios out for the pigeons, well they jumped right on the free food..


Now the funny part, well as the pigeon picks-up the cheerios there beaks or bill, whatever you like their beak goes through the hole in the cheerios now the bird can’t eat or swallow the cereal..  Well they keep shaking their heads, but they soon figure out the problem an pick the cheerios up whole..  Nonetheless the birds will make the mistake over an over…


Damn funny i thought!


toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Wasp an toad @ the Park!

Just another day @ the park,


doing what a toad does best;


nothing really…


Anyway, those wasps really like meat, i’ve sat an watch them cut off little pieces of meat, well only looking within their point of view, giant pieces of meat…


They cut off a piece an carry it away, then back to do it all over again, over an over as they return for another piece of meat…


Long ago, i was a little hot-blooded @ those damn wasps, kill one or two, only to see them come an carry-off their dead..


Like that old human saying, (Bring out your dead!)


Well just another day in the park for a toad!

toad (chris jensen) thisoldtoad

Unknown soldiers…

I the morning on my way to the depot, I have always gone by Jonathon Rogers Park.  The park is in the industrial neighbourhood and heavily used by all those in the area.  I have been surprised at the pristine the park stays, however I gave it no thought, how it was getting done.  I’ve just used the park like all others.  Then one day you see them in action everyday citizens doing their part to help keep it clean.

It’s like magic in the air.

The toad.